Wide range of renewable technologies that are being monitored as well as research being carried out allows CEREB to be a consultancy institution and meet the needs of any organization in the built enviroment. Consultancy can be carried out through KTP and KTC as well as Bespoke research.

Low and Zero Carbon Technologies

CEREB has expertise in:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Photovolatics
  • Solar Fibre Optic Lightening
  • Wind Turbines
  • Absorption cooling
  • CHP systems

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and Knowledge Transfer Collaboration (KTC)

Workplace Footprint Tracker

CEREB Workplace Footprint Tracker – ‘Energy Monitoring’

KTP associate: Estelle Jackson

CEREB’s research and educational projects uses the Workplace Footprint Tracker energy management solution to analyse new technologies and building performance. The web enabled dashboard provides easy accessible information from anywhere.

To experience CEREB’s customized energy solution by Building Sustainability Ltd, 
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Metering & Monitoring and Data collection

CEREB itself has a monitoring system with data about the K2 building avaliable for students and researchers. Being a university facitlity gives CEREB a chance to involve students and academic knowledge in order to monitor buildings and systems.

Bespoke Research

CEREB has the resources and the knowledge to carry out bespoke research according to the needs of any company or organization related to the built enviroment.