CEREB is running a number of different short courses and events. The main subject areas are:

  • Energy Strategy

Improved understanding of compiling and assessing energy statements to meet the new London Plan.

Audience: Planning officers, Architects, M&E consultants

  • Science Behind LZC Technologies

To provide a good understanding of the relevant science, design principles, processes and desktop calculations.

Audience: Sales and M&E Consultants, Installers

  • Financial Incentives

Understanding of the financial incentives avaliable in the market together with simple payback, net present value and life cycle costing calculations

Audience: Project Managers and M&E Consultants

  • Commercial Retrofit

Discusses the integration of energy efficient and renewable technologies within existing buildings

Audience: Developers and M&E consultants

The Centre is fully equipped for the courses and seminars to be broadcast over the web. There will be a series of webinars as part of the programme and any bespoke training can also be delivered in this way.

Upcoming Courses

There are currently no courses available.

Delivering Sustainable Facilities Management

ABS Consulting

For Corporate Clients

CEREB is running bespoke training for companies and businesses. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our training services.

The Skanska Green Initiative Project

This bespoke training course was delivered to 80 project managers to provide a solid knowledge underpinning on “Low and Zero Carbon Technologies” and included 7 technologies, Legislations and policies, Rule of thumb calculations, Types and application, Financial drivers, and the integration into Building Management System & Workplace Tracker