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Journal and Conference Papers

2013 - Gillich, A. Grants versus Financing for Domestic Retrofits: A Case Study from Efficiency Maine. Sustainability, Volume 5, pp.2827-2839.

2013 - Gillich, A. & Sunikka-Blank, M. Barrier to domestic energy efficiency - an evaluation of retrofit policies and market transformation strategies. Hyeres, France. Proceedings from the ECEEE Summer Study.

2013 - Gillich, A. & Sunikka-Blank, M. Behavioural nudges towards domestic energy efficiency: occupant comfort and the limits for savings from user feedback programs. Lausanne, Switzerland, Proceedings from CISBAT Conference, Sept 5, 2013.

2013 - Gillich, A. & Sunikka-Blank, M. Community Based Social Marketing and Energy Efficiency - An evaluation of engagement strategies and domestic retrofit policies. Coimbra, Portugal, Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL).

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Introduction to CEREB, by Professor Andy Ford.

2015 - Gillich, A. Is Community Based Social Marketing the Key to Delivering Low Energy Retrofits (in the UK)? - WholeSEM Behaviour Change Workshop, 09-10 March 2015.