The abundance of technology in CEREB enables students to complete innovative and unique research projects which can provide the industry with an insight to renewable and efficient technology in an urban setting. Each individual piece of technology is equipped with state of the art meters so that data can be collected in real time from working equipment. Certain pieces of equipment can be then be manipulated so that the research can take into account changes in certain parameters.

All three partner universities are leaders in education and research of the built environment. Students are exposed to the range of technologies which the built environment needs to embrace in order to provide sustainable buildings for the future. Students have timetabled access to the Centre for modules on their related courses.

The list of possible research projects is endless and the Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students from all partner universities are able to benefit from this. Academics and others interested in research are also able to access the technology and data to produce further research papers. We hope through this research that we will be able to influence the industry and policy in the surrounding issues.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Title: Optimisation of Inter-seasonal Ground Source Heat Pumps with Predictive Behavioural Control

Researchers: Prof Graeme Maidment and PhD student Metkel Yebiyo

In progress

Photovoltaic Cells on CEREB roof

Title: A Study Of The CEREB Photovoltaic Installation

Researcher: Robert Walston


May 2011

Photovoltaic Cells on CEREB roof

Title: Photovoltaics: Impact of K2 on LSBU PV array

Researcher: Noel J Moore


January 2011


Title: Assessing the Effectiveness of an Energy Storage System with the Use of Phase Change Material

Researcher: Bernard Nortey


January 2011

Ethelred Estate

Title: An Analysis Of The Potential For Anaerobic Digestion And Biogas CHP Ethelred Estate

Researcher: Richard Puddicombe


January 2011

Firestation & fire engines

Title: An Analysis of Photovoltaic Performance throughout 14 existing Fire Station installations in London

Researcher: Dan Clark



Photovoltaic Cells

Title: Photovoltaic Data Monitoring and Analysis

Researcher: Dipakkumar Patel


October 2010

Renewable energy technology

Title: Comparative Analysis of Daylight Performance of Remote Source Lighting Systems: Case Study of The Use of HLS (Hybrid Lighting System) and TDGS (Turbular Daylight Guidance System)

Researcher: David Utshudiema Luhaka



Wind turbine

Title: Ashenden House Wind Turbine Trial

Researchers: Dr Steve Dance and PhD students


2011 - 2014