The sustainability of K2 was assessed against the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) Environmental Assessment Methods, BREEAM Bespoke assessment 2006. This is a internationally recognised environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. LSBU commissioned AECOM to carry out a assessment of K2 at Design Stage and at Post Construction stage. The Design and Procurement stage was designed to achieve a score of 47.51% which translates into a BREEAM rating of GOOD however LSBU took the opportunity to incorporate additional sustainability measures to increase the score to 55.92% to achieve a BREEAM rating of VERY GOOD at Post Construction Review stage. Some of the sustainable measures at K2 include:

  • The project ensured high quality design, construction, commission and post construction project management achieving 82% of the Management credits.
  • By incorporating energy efficient measures and technologies, and low and zero carbon technologies, the carbon footprint of the building is reduced to 13.1kgCO2/m2 as built achieving 78% of the Energy credits.
  • K2 was also able to take advantage of its central London location with good access to amenities and public transport enabling the development in achieving 75% of the Transport credits.

Overall the K2 building is designed to perform 55% better than Building Regulation Part L 2006 and has 10% of its energy contribution from low and zero carbon technologies.